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1663Hi Mamta: Shimla

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    Oct 6, 2004
      HI Mamta,
      As a matter of fact i m from Shimla too and from Middle Bazar.
      Well let me start by introducing my self:-
      Name: Rishav
      Gender Male
      Age 26
      Birthday June 16
      Currently in Muscat ( came only 3 months back) working with a SHIPPING company
      Hometown Shimla 
      Interests: reading-fiction, movies, driving, surfing, photography etc.....
      Well rest when we chat
      yahoo id: adonis_for_u2000@...
      MSN id: rishav2@...
      Looking fwd to catchup with u soon
      Till then take care and be good !!!

      m_sarna <no_reply@...> wrote:

      Hi everyone
      My  name is mamta and i am from shimla but currently in states i went
      Auckland house school and did my collage from St. Bedes Collage is
      anybody in the group from Auckland house school. i use to live in
      Lower Bazar is any body in the group from lower bazar.


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