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    Oct 8, 2004

      Hii Mamta,


      Yes its cool to meet people from Shimla online and I was also amazed after coming across this group. I couldn�t believe that such kinda group would exist. It�s really Cool!!

      I was working with a shipping company in Delhi for couple of yrs and I just came to Muscat 4 Months back and I will be going to India only after 1 yr i.e. somewhere around June next yr.

      I have been to Laxmi Wool store many times during my Childhood with my Mom. Wow man what a world it has become...Now I realise what people say that the world has become a Global Village.

      Yaar I have some friends & relatives in US with whom I chat often. Please add me to Ur chat list coz this mailing is too much for me...also at least give me ur chat ids on my personal e mail address from your personal e mail address;-)

      I think Nitin in this group didn�t like ur saying that there are lot of Gujus everywhere is Muscat...Nitin dear its true and take no offence of it man its a thing that u can be proud of. Chill out dear.

      My e-mail & chat id once again is adonis_for_u2000@....


      C y guys



      Hey Rishav,

      Cool! i am so excited i know someone online from shimla because in US
      you will not find any one from shimla there are too many gujratis but
      i hardly find anyone from himachal. so! my loc: lets see do you know
      jain hall stairs next to it is a pansari store next to that is a wool
      shop Luxmi wool center that my family right there my full name is
      Mamta sarna. I got a pretty good idea about you where you folks live.
      i have been on those stairs like 100 times. I am working for a
      private company known as Rafi Systems Inc. So when was the last time
      you visited India. I just got My H1-B done so planning to go to
      shimla next year.......... Keep in touch i know mail is boring but
      the time difference in usa and Muscat is a big issue.  

      Mamta sarna

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