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1673since this group is now active, i should chip in.

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  • rohit negi
    Oct 9, 2004
      Hi everyone,

      I'm another himachali in this crazy country of Bush.
      btw, have you guys been following the election stuff
      here? We all know how corrupt our politicians are in
      india, but in US it just disturbs me to see what kind
      of violence and corruption can pass without even being
      seen as so.

      Anyway, I'm not from shimla , but from banjar valley
      in kullu. I hope people here don't hang me for being
      somewhat of an outsider. BUT, I was born in shimla, my
      cousins live there (one was an edwardian, if thats a
      word), and i love the place. So...

      I'm a phd student in geography at the ohio state univ.
      in columbus. Have been in US for the last 3 years. But
      i did spend the summer in india. yes, shimla, kullu,
      delhi and more. Was FUN.

      Keep in touch, guys.


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