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1676Hi Rishav, Manish,Rohit,,Nitin,Tarun , sonu and wonderful people of the group

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  • m_sarna
    Oct 11, 2004
      Gosh? What up guys! who is this. Please it is not an dating sight it
      is an Interacting sight it is good to meet people specially when you
      are away from home by your self just get liitle exited. because of
      this group i found so many good freinds that not call dating?

      Hi Rishav,
      How are you my yahoo chat ID is asangal may be we should talk some
      time so how's your job going? nice to know that you know my place.
      market is pretty slow over here may be beacuse of elections. i cant
      vote wanted to vote for kerry though.

      Hi Manish,
      how are you so what are you doing in Bangkok. I know the bhaik you
      are talking about specially upasna it fells so good when people talk
      about shimla, sanjauli it's like all of a sudden you know so many
      people. keep in touch.

      Hi rohit,
      well come to the group nice to have new people in the group. i
      defenatily agree with you about the politics over here dont worry
      Kerry will win. Did you see Farenhite 9/11.?

      Hi Nitin,
      Man dont get offended by what i said about gujju's you shold be proud
      i was sharing my little experince in USA and also i am a punjabi i
      think after Gujrati's punjabis are next. Just kidding!

      Hi Tarun,
      Thanks for your message. It's not only about LB or Auk it's when i
      saw the group from shimla just asked anybody from there since i am so
      far away from home so got excited looking at the club. i miss shimla
      mall, lowe bazar everyhting of shimla Family the most.

      Hi sonu,
      How are you in live in california near LA where are you located
      Thanks for your sending the message. I am a Market research analyst
      in a international company just got my H1-B done graduated lst
      Decemaber from Cal Poly Pomona. So where are you in USA and thanks
      for offering help.
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