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1694Re: Shimla - Newsletter Re: Getting to Shimla !!

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    Oct 26, 2004
      Hi Sarju
      Thanks for writing after such a long time... Man you are seriously missed on board..!!!
      Using credit card on Indian Railway site has never been a problem with me.. Have been using it since the service was launched for the past 1 year now. Have used it on Rediff / Bazee also and never had a problem. These sites have dedicated safe servers and if you notice the url on these sites is https://www.xyz.com than the usual http://www.xyz.com
      Giving out card numbers while making hotel, car rentals or even with the travel agents can be a big problem and is fraught of dangers of being used by some of the employees of these concerns. There was a scam earlier this year where the swiping machines were copying even pin numbers from the card.
      The other best option is to have a debit card. You can use it quite convienently and is a safer option than CC plus is widely accepted in India.
      For your friend, please inform the hotel about the fraud. The hotel must be having a reputation to protect..

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