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1715Hallween Facts

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  • sarju5
    Nov 7, 2004
      hi Rohin, Tenzin and rest of the gang

      Thanks for your kind words about my photos ... I m glad that you
      liked them

      About Halloweeen ... It is just a festival of these white folks
      (mostly popular in North America) where the objective is to please
      the dark spirits of the earth (ghosts and stuff) ...... so people
      decorate their houses with pumpkins and fake skelatons and that kind
      of scary things to attract the spirits .... the idea is to please
      these spirits so that they will leave you in peace .................
      The other side to Halloween is that kids get dressed as ghosts and
      stuff and visit homes in the neighbourhood to get some chocolate and
      stuff .. they usually say "Trick or Treat", and you are supposed to
      give them a treat (chocolate or candy) ..... and yes the final
      aspect is the Halloween party, it is mostly like a costume party and
      usually there is this pinata, a thing hanging from the ceiling full
      of chocolates, so they break it up with a stick (the eyes of the
      person that breaks it are blindfolded) and everybody eats the
      chocolate ... i guess this is all there is to Halloweeeeen

      Bye for now

      --- In Shimlahangout@..., Sepel <tenzin_iitb@y...>
      > Hi Sarju
      > Some of those pics are superb. To name a few.
      > "Spirit in the Sky"
      > "Spooky Moon "
      > "The Legend.... "
      > "The Mute Connexion"
      > I would vote "Blue Sky Mine" to be my personal
      > favorite..
      > Its a beautiful place you are living at.
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