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  • ashok sharma
    Feb 12, 2005
      As there is a big hole in the ozone layer heating up our planet making us run out of the fresh water and resulting in extinction of many species, inviting storms, floods, quakes and Tsunamis to become more frequent so are we inviting another catastrophie of unprecedented magnitude by sticking to unrestrained Greed and by our preference to immoral ways of living. We have become too carelessly stupid and are inviting threats not only to our environment but the safe survival and right of fair living to our future generation as well. All this has resulted from the bad choices made by us during past few years.

      God or Nature, whatever we call has given us a choice that prompts us to choose Life and a better future for OURSELVES AND  OUR CHILDREN. The mandate to look out for good times for our future generations as well as for ourselves is clearly being ignored today and we are choosing dark future for our people by our gross neglect to some critical social issues.

      We are threatened with nationwide manifestation of Corrupts in all walks of life and present conditioins are a direct result of non stop degradation of moral values and codes of ethics in our society.  

      Year after year continuously, all Governments formed by corrupt leaders and aided by the government officials, have churned out 'anti-people' policies that have led us to this end.  How convenient that those who are in power and enabling their corporate cronies to plunder and pillage more and more with impunity, are increasing the numbers of their clan and are in league with the blessing of a large misguided body of Corrupts officials installed, encouraged and spread everywhere in India !

      The people of India have allowed corrupts to rule the nation almost 57 years who have gathered controls, through a combination of stupidity,  trickery and greed.  They have made mockery of the rules of justice and a fair living and have interpretted the constitution as it suited their greedom.If we continue on this path any longer we are doomed. 

      If we wake up, and claim what is denied to society as our Right to live in a fair and just manner where constitution is implemented earnestly, law and judiciary functions for benefit of all people in quick and fair ways..and start cooperating with each other, we can be nearer to our cherished goals!

      We still have a choice with us and can act to bring the needed improvements and reverse the path to where entire nation of over 1 billion is being hurled, to be sucked up in the inferno of greed of just a few thousands of people by their rampant acts and increasing devilish control over the society

      Following can be planned in first stage :

      • Let us make full use of Internet expand our network-
      • Forge local level groups / meetings-
      • Bring district level groups in one chain under one Umbrella-
      • Discuss, conceive and adopt a shared common VISION for India-
      • Assemble in greater number in all attempts for personal gathering of small groups, forgetting self centered approaches and all previous hurts and move to next level of conscious thinking-
      • Try to act and work, as far as we can, like a Karmayogi-
      • Totally discard this corrupt visual and print media from our lives and rely more on internet news-

      We can stop corruption and reverse nationwide warming and decay of moral values of our one billion population and get all along.


      Ashok Sharma

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