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    Mar 1, 2005

      Hi All

      I am planning to visit India in Oct. 2005 with family and looking for some info. on Kalka-Shimla Train and Hotels in Shimla.

      I found some info. like Kalka Shimla have four different type of premium services are available for travellers on the Kalka-Shimla section

      The Deluxe Rail Motor Car,

      The Shivalik Deluxe Express,

      The Shivalik Palace (Tourist Coach) and

      The Shivalik Queen Tourist Coach.

      So far I couldn't decide which one is the BEST. Can somebody help me to make my decision

      Which one I should use to travel between Kalka-Shimla ?

      Also how long in advance I should make reservation for the same ?

      Secondly, I am planning to stay in the hotel situated on the Ridge, next to the Chruch ( if am not mistaken, that hotel's name is Mayur ).

      I tried to contact them by didn't get any reply back :) and geting emails back as delivery fail.

      Is that hotel is good to spend 3 days/nights in Shimla, if not then which hotel I should live in ?

      and also is that hotel approachable by car or any other transportation ?

      Except that I also do have plan to stay one day/night in Solan. Is there anybody who know if there is any hotel to stay in Solan ?

      With Thanks


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