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    Mar 2, 2005

      Hi Nitin

      Thanks for the info.

      My first target is to watch and enjoy beauty of mountains and nature.

      I am looking for train with big openable windows to see and enjoy outside beauty.

      Did you have any idea if Shivalik Palace coach have openable windows ?

      I don't want to use credit card over the phone or i.net. What is the other best way to make reservation while I am sitting abroad ?

      Take Care


      Nitin <bnityin@...> wrote:

      --- ROHIT BAGGA wrote:
      > The Deluxe Rail Motor Car,
      > The Shivalik Deluxe Express,
      > The Shivalik Palace (Tourist Coach) and
      > The Shivalik Queen Tourist Coach.

      > So far I couldn't decide which one is the BEST. Can somebody help
      me to make my decision.Which one I should use to travel between
      Kalka-Shimla ?

      If you want to travel in style then Shivalik Palace coach is the
      thing. Its a full coach attached to the Shivalik Deluxe Express
      train. You have a fully furnished coach at your disposal with an
      attendent. Other wise you can reserve seats in the Shivalik Deluxe
      Express train which is basically a Non a/c CHAIR CAR.

      > Also how long in advance I should make reservation for the same ?

      Normally reservations for Shivalik starts 60 days in advance from
      the date of journey.

      > Secondly, I am planning to stay in the hotel situated on the
      Ridge, next to the Chruch ( if am not mistaken, that hotel's name is
      Mayur ). is that hotel approachable by car or any other

      No, its not approachable by car! You will have to walk up. If you
      want a drive-in hotel try, Holiday Home or the Oberoi Cecil.

      > Except that I also do have plan to stay one day/night in Solan. Is
      there anybody who know if there is any hotel to stay in Solan ?

      I have heard about Himani at Solan, don't know how good it is but I
      can suggest Hotel Pinewood at Barog which is run by HPTDC. A great

      > With Thanks

      A pleasure always!


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