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  • Nitin
    Mar 5, 2005
      > what abut people living there? is water and other supplies propper

      Hi Viplav, chipping in from Narkanda... It did snow like anything
      here.. We had 7 feet of snow this year... Electricity was no problem
      but yes water still is a big problem as water sources had all
      frozen... You won't like to come near me as I just can't remember
      when last I had a shower. :))

      These days we have problem of avalanches and is a little dicy if
      coming to Shimla. Apple growers have a reson to smile this year..!!

      Its bright sunny today... great to see sun after more than a month.
      I tried my hands on skiing this year and hmmm not bad... may be next
      year I'll cruise down from the hill tops.

      How is Mumbhai??


      Ps: YAHOO Rocks!!
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