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1839Re: Shimla - Newsletter: NJPC - The Sorrow of Himachal

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    Sep 14, 2005

      sorry man I cant give you the info but I will try to get   this info it will take some time as on of my friend is working in there  …

      sanjay versain <s_versain@...> wrote:
      Hay, can you get me more details about this guy who got the job using a fake certificate and any other act of corruption which can be proved. Maybe I can do a story about it in my paper.

      NITYIN <bnityin@...> wrote:

      A case point here I would like to mention is the Sanjay Vidyut Project built and operated by HPSEB at Bhaba Nagar which is completely underground and has been working fantastically. This project was a prelude to the one of NJPC.


      Though not myself a technical person but what I have gathered after talking to people connected with the project there are two main faults.. One is the outlet of the tunnel which is just on the river bank which results in the flooding of the tunnel during rainy season. Instead the water discharged should have been from height sort of a water fall. Another main fault is with the turbines which have been imported. They are not working properly. BHEL people did a wonderful job in setting up of the powerhouse but imported turbines are said to be faulty.


      Lastly, the tales of corruption at NJPC are legendry. Recently one senior official was in probe as he had got the job on the basis of forged certificates. Officers facing corruption charges were promoted to senior posts. There are allegations in acquiring land for the Rampur project where a few locals have been given preferential treatment. Even in the functions organized by NJPC, only a few local traders are given the contracts where the commission is fixed with them… The entire racket is well organized. There are some local influential persons who scout around and fix deals for the officials.


      Satluj basin has become a money minting goldmine for NJPC guys!!


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