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1841Re: Shimla - Newsletter: NJPC - The Sorrow of Himachal

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  • ramit kakkar
    Sep 14, 2005
      hi guys
      over the past few days i have gone through the mails written by you on NJPC and the sorrows related to it. i am awe struck by the about of information exchanged, at the same time i am angered by the fact that all this worthy information which is so important to the common people of this country and our very own state of himachal has not found its way in the right place and at the right time.
      i must say that i too am not from a technical background, but as a lay man i would say that huge dams as made by NJPC do have a drastic impact on the ecology of that particular place. hydro generation of energy per se as a method may not cause harm to the ecology as thermal generation of power does. but at the same time it has its disadvantages.
      recently i was reading an article in tehelka newspaper which talked of what is happening in the north east where hyro projects are coming up as malls are i the NCR region. it talked of the harmful impact of these projects on the ecology of the region and also its impact on the local tribe people, the area of whom is disappearing as cats are from indian forests.
      corruption per se as a problem is as deep rooted in the indian system as one can imagine and when it comes to big money changing hands, comissions, under hand payments are a common sight. i hope that the dream to make himachal a power state may come true and i hope that it does not suffer the same fate as our aim to make himachal the fruit bowl of india did.
      hoping for more inputs from all ends
      keep up the good work
      trust all is well

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