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1842Re: Shimla - Newsletter: NJPC - The Sorrow of Himachal

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  • Tenzin
    Sep 15, 2005
      Hi Nityin

      I would like to add on to your points. Sanjay Gandhi
      Vidyut Pariyojna is indeed a technical marvel. It is a
      120 MW project. The whole project is underground and
      when i say underground, i mean the power house, the
      control offices has been dug inside the mighty
      himalayas. Water is stored in dam in Bhaba Nagar from
      where it is carried on to turbines, a distance of
      around 5 6 kms but with height drop of around 1,000
      metres. The discharge is in Sutlej river. This project
      has 3 turbines of 40 MW each. All three have been
      imported and comissioned from some scandinavian
      country. Last i heard, two of the turbines were out of
      order and the project was only running on 1 turbine
      i.e 40 MW. Since, to bring any repairs would mean
      stopping the project completely.

      Now some of the points as to why Sanjay Vidyut
      Pariyojna is being talked with NJPC these days.
      The disharge point of Sanjay Vidyut pariyojna was
      originally around 30-40 feet from sutlej basin in year
      1998-99. Then the terrible flash floods in sutlej of
      2001 changed everything. More than 300 lives were
      lost. A whole bus stop named "wangtu" which was
      transit point towards Bhaba Nagar and the tunnel was
      washed away. That place was the entry point to Kinnaur
      and Ladhak and vistors passes used to be checked. Now
      all that has been done away with. So after the
      flooding the height between discharge point and sutlej
      river was cut down to 15-20 feet only. Rest was
      filled with the silt brought by floods.

      Now enters NJPC. When HPSEB along with Geologial
      Survey Deptt of India was conducting survey for NJPC
      dam site which is only one to one and half kilometer
      from the discharge point of Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna.
      They blundered by calculating the dam height less by 2
      metres. So what happened while executing the project
      was that those 2 metres were very crucial. That cut
      down the power generation of NJPC by almost half,
      since the water catchment area went down!
      Now if they increase the height by 2metres. The dam
      would stop enough water to submerge the discharge
      point of Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna. and water would
      flood the turbines.
      So naturally a big fight ensued between NJPC and
      HPSEB, since HPSEB was the loser if Sanjay Vidut
      project shuts down. Finally they patched up and got
      some sort of compromise formulae. After increasing the
      height of the NJPC dam, now the height difference
      between the sutlej and sanjay vidyut project discharge
      point is around 3 to 4 feet.
      Another interesting point though. While doing survey
      they not only miscalculated the height of the dam but
      also the silt content of the sutlej river. Silt is the
      very small earth particles sutlej river brings with
      it. This silt if not filtered from the water would go
      inside the turbine with water with very large force.
      Imagine particles of sand hitting your face on a very
      windy day when you are driving on a motorcycle.
      Well thats what is happening to NJPC turbines these
      days. The silt content of the dam was miscalculated so
      much that the turbines have started to rust already.
      Because the silt with water is damaging the turbines.
      I am not aware if BHEL(Indian) turbines are doing
      better than the Alstom(Swedish) turbines. But it is a
      real shame. On account of silt, the dam has already
      been stopped before a lot. They are trying to coat the
      turbines with various special paints. Lets see how it
      works now.
      Already himachal has lost close to 300-400 crores of
      income from NJPC. It is a real shame that the only
      avenue from where Himachal earns some money is so much
      in technical trouble. Lets hope Rampur Hydel project
      and many others coming up dont see such kind of

      --- NITYIN <bnityin@...> wrote:

      > A case point here I would like to mention is the
      > Sanjay Vidyut Project built and operated by HPSEB at
      > Bhaba Nagar which is completely underground and has
      > been working fantastically. This project was a
      > prelude to the one of NJPC.
      > Though not myself a technical person but what I have
      > gathered after talking to people connected with the
      > project there are two main faults.. One is the
      > outlet of the tunnel which is just on the river bank
      > which results in the flooding of the tunnel during
      > rainy season. Instead the water discharged should
      > have been from height sort of a water fall. Another
      > main fault is with the turbines which have been
      > imported. They are not working properly. BHEL people
      > did a wonderful job in setting up of the powerhouse
      > but imported turbines are said to be faulty.
      > Lastly, the tales of corruption at NJPC are
      > legendry. Recently one senior official was in probe
      > as he had got the job on the basis of forged
      > certificates. Officers facing corruption charges
      > were promoted to senior posts. There are allegations
      > in acquiring land for the Rampur project where a few
      > locals have been given preferential treatment. Even
      > in the functions organized by NJPC, only a few local
      > traders are given the contracts where the commission
      > is fixed with themÂ… The entire racket is well
      > organized. There are some local influential persons
      > who scout around and fix deals for the officials.
      > Satluj basin has become a money minting goldmine for
      > NJPC guys!!
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