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1886Himachal based exporter bags $1.7-mn US order

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  • Varun Rattan Singh
    9 Jan 6:51 pm
      Indian vegetable exporter bags $1.7-mn US order

      MUMBAI: Leading mushroom and vegetable exporter Himalya International
      Ltd has bagged orders worth $1.7 million from a US food service company,
      the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) informed on Monday.

      "The company has kick-started the New Year by way of a huge order of 80
      containers valued at $1.7 million for its canned mushrooms from a major
      US food service company. The delivery schedule spans from February to
      October 2006," the BSE statement said.

      This order will result in the Himachal Pradesh headquartered company, a
      major mushroom producer, raising its production by 50 percent compared
      to the corresponding quarter of the last financial year.

      The company has over 50 farmers supplying produce that are processed for
      exports under a contract-farming programme for production and supply of
      vegetables and mushrooms.

      The company's new facility in Himachal Pradesh for mozzarella cheese
      from buffalo milk in collaboration with a US-based Winona has also begun
      its first phase of production.

      A technical team from the foreign collaborator had visited the unit
      during December 2005 to oversee the entire first phase of production.

      At full capacity, the company will be processing 15 million pounds of
      specialty cheese per annum valued at $25 million. The plant is also
      equipped to manufacture batter and breaded appetizers, mozzarella
      sticks, mushrooms, eggplants and onion rings.

      The company has entered into a marketing arrangement with Artiginale
      Italiano Inc. for the entire annual produce, which will be marketed in
      the US.

      The company has also commenced processing a 1.6 million pounds baby
      potatoes order for a retail chain headquartered in Canada.

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