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1915Re: Shimla - Newsletter Does anyone remember me?

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    Mar 2, 2006
      Hi Rachna
      Great to c you again on the board!!!
      Ol timer...... hun.... WELCOME BACK... the community is 405+ strong... who would have thought on a rainy day at Ahmedabad. nothing better to do, surfing on the company computer on a tea break.. feeling home sick... Hangout was born...........
      Ladies and gentleman please welcome one of the true blue Shimlaite on board on Hangout One!!! (Thats straight from your today's Mirchi's idea...)
      So whats been keeping you away from the Hangout for so long...?? Time to catch up....
      Me shifted back to Shimla Hills and on mercy of BSNL.. The Lord gives little time to connect to Hangout...

      <no_reply@...> wrote:.
      Does anyone remember me?

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