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1928Editorial - President Bush Goes to India-Factual errors

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  • Tenzin
    Mar 4, 2006
      Hi All,
      This is in regard to certain points mentioned by New York Times in relation to President Bush`s visit to India. I am aware of the fact that this forum is not meant for such messages. But since i felt strongly for it. I am mentioning it.
      The editorial link is here.
      I didnt like the way they painted the picture of India. I have sent a mail for the same to the editors (letters@...).
      If you feel the way i have. You can chip in and send your disagreement for the same. I believe this negative portrayal of India should be stopped in international media in everyones self interest. More so in case if it comes from a reputed media source.
      From: tsephel@... <tsephel@...>
      Date: Mar 5, 2006 3:05 AM
      Subject: Editorial- "President Bush Goes to India" Factual errors
      To: letters@...

      Dear Editor,
      Sub::Editorial "President Bush Goes to India" Published February 28th
      In light of your editorial dated February 28th. I feel strongly for the picture you have painted of India. To start with, there were some factual errors in the numbers you quoted in your editorial. 
      1) "More than 500 million of the world's poor are Indian villagers."  I wonder where from the New York Times is quoting its numbers. 500 million is almost half the population of India. I beg to differ, and so do World Bank and the CIA fact book on India. The maximum numbers quoted by World Bank as poor by international standards is 25%, which is around 250 million. I wonder if NY times is looking into the India in 1950`s.
      2) "and an economy that is growing at around 6 percent every year. "  All official figures worth mentioning believe this to be much higher.
      Real GDP grew by 8.5% in 2003-04, 6.9 percent in 2004-05. These are again World Bank figures. For the year 2005-06 the growth is around 8.2%.
      Again Bangalore is not just a call center city. I guess the higher end technological companies like Intel, Microsoft, HP, Yahoo, and Google would vouch for it since they have substantial stake in Bangalore's well being.
      I believe New York Times doesn't believe in President Bush's policy of providing India with nuclear energy deal. The article paints India as a nation of poor, who steals call center jobs. A country merely a cog in the US strategic wheel against China being showered with expensive gift. This article holds India in contempt.
      In the end I would like to mention that for someone as esteemed as your newspaper, it doesn't bode well to be so arrogant and dismissive of the feelings of 1.1 billion people.
      I am quoting my numbers from this link.
      1) World Bank Link

      Tenzin from India


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