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1943last 3 ..want to reach top....ANUJ SHARMA@indian idol 2

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  • maziemuzic09
    Mar 19, 2006
      Dear All,

      A BIG THANKs, again your help moved me to last 3, I have no words to
      write for your love and support. The competition become really tough,
      I need more love (votes) from you, your friends, neighbors & relatives
      toooo …….please!

      For those reading the message first time …………
      I am "ANUJ SHARMA" reached last 3 in II2 competition on SONY. Please
      watch me on Sony (Indian idol 2) this Monday (13/03/06) at 9:00 PM and
      vote me during or after the show...you can vote from 9.00pm (20/03/06)
      to 10am (04/04/06). To vote me sms ANUJ at 2525 or call 1904424252502.

      You can find more information about me @

      Please pass this message to your friends, relatives,
      colleagues......PLEASEEEEEEEsssssssssss ek vote.
      Thank you.
      Anuj Sharma