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1949Re: GPRS....... Broadband over electric line in shimla

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  • viplav
    Mar 27, 2006
      dear nitin

      i had GPRS for some time, but i used it over the cell and not for
      the PC.
      I dont know if it can be used over PC but it is available for
      laptop, a card has to be bought which cost around Rs.8000 and there
      is a monthly change of somewhere 400 to 600 depending on ur service
      Ther is no other charges(may be taxes extra)
      TATA Indicom, Airtel and Reliance CDMA all of them provide it but
      dont know if they provide it in shimla.

      Some of the operators have different way of charging, they will not
      chanrge any monthly rnt(or a small amount; Rs. 50 by HUTCH), and
      then they will charge u on the usage. However that is expensive.

      I think BSNL is comming out with Broadband in big way and during
      India pakistan match i read that all there phones are BB redy and BB
      is free for first few months.

      Just in case u try BSNL BB then do let me know also.

      viplav Khoda
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