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1966Re: Pesticide trade may be privatised

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  • Tenzin
    Apr 18, 2006
      Private or Govt pesticides. It is finally the farmers who need more awareness. i will talk more about apples since i know more abt that.
      While there are some farmers who just wont use pesticides and let their crop go black and brown. There are others who would just use anything which comes to market.
      Even without govt pesticdes, private pesticides are in the market for ages now. Govt pesticdes are never in stock when one needs them most. Now if one goes to private shop, there is just pesticide for everything. For making leaves greener, for making falling of leaves stop, for making apples redder, for making them small and sometimes large in size, for dropping extra apple buds in flowering stage, pesticides to remove weed around the ground,  You name it and there is pesticide for everything.
      I have seen all of them doing brisk sale. Sometimes to the peril of apple crop. A small farmer goes to the shop and seeing these fancy pesticudes, they come back buying something different from what they went to buy.
      With the near absoulte surety of cheap chinese apple flooding the indian market in near time. I am not sure how Himachali apples will face the middle class indian market. Already American, New Zeland and Australian apple is giving sleepless nights and has snatched high end market from Kinnaur Apples. And they compete mostly in organic apples category. Our himachali apples cant even be exported because most of them would be too toxic with pesticides.
      Someohow now its time for himachal govt to come up with a whitepaper on APPLE 2015. Where do they see Himachal Apple in 10 years time and how they plan to do it. Just simply letting farmers let lose with pesticide is not the answer. Finally what we will end up blowing away is our Apple crop.

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      1. Pesticide trade may be privatised
      From: NITYIN


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      Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 00:16:24 -0700 (PDT)
      From: NITYIN
      Subject: Pesticide trade may be privatised

      Here is some good news for the farmers in the state as the Govt is considering to move away from the pesticide trade. There have been complaints of companies even pushing expired pesticides by repacking and selling through the Govt agencies causing heavy losses to the farmers. Procuring and selling of pesticides had become a money making racket for some of the employees in the Govt.. Also since after signing of the MOU with the Central Govt, the state Govt is in no position to sell this garbage in the name of subsidy to the farmers..

      Check out the full story..

      Pesticide trade may be privatised
      Tribune News Service

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