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2006My account of Mumbai Blasts

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  • Viplav Khoda
    Jul 17, 2006
      This post i hastily prepared as i had very little time over the week
      end so please innore all the mistakes in it.

      Its been vey tough time for Mumbai , it was hit by heavy rains and
      then many blasts, unfortunately I experienced both of them.
      Rains caused total havoc in the city where as bomb caused panic.
      I was in my office when at around 6.30 we herd the news about bomb
      blast, one of my college was on phone with his friend who saw bomb
      blast as it happened.
      We searched on net endlessly but did not find anything on blast
      until 7pm.
      Sify had a link to CNBC webcast on its main page, but rediff was
      first one to report the blast. Google news did not displayed blast
      till next day.
      I stayed in office till 10pm as trains were stoped, left my office
      at Andheri only at 10, strange thing was that when I went to Andheri
      station (which is one of the bussiest stations in Mumbai),
      restaurants were open, and so I managed to get some food.
      I took bus unto Bandra station. Throughout the way, people were
      offering Glucose biscuit and water to people walking and busses, we
      actually had to refuse rudely to people from giving us biscuits, guy
      sitting next to me had 5 family packs with him by the time we got
      down at Bandra.
      I could not manage to get any thing at bandra station so I decided
      to walk up to mahim where Hindustan Times has an office and my
      cousin works there, which is almost 2Km from bandra. On my way many
      taxi people stopped and offered me free ride, just they were not
      headed in same direction as I was.
      At Mahim, I took taxi and went home, amazingly taxi driver charged
      me on meter and not `extra' what people tend to do in such situation.

      Just like 90% of Mumbai I went back to office very next day. Usually
      people do not talk in local trains in Mumbai, but on that day just
      about everyone had story to tell and it was like you know one person
      or another who just either missed the ill fated trains of was about
      to board one.
      One of my college friends missed one such train and was very scared,
      he did not reported to his work till Monday.
      Too much happened in last 10 days but nothing has changed for the
      city, many have died but no channel was able to show blood neither I
      saw any train parts on my way to office next day.
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