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2027Write for Himachal !

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  • Varun Rattan Singh
    Oct 5, 2006
      Write for Himachal , become a grassroot journalist !

      Him Vani or HimVani.com is an effort to be a think-tank for Himachal by
      the means of grassroots journalism.

      What is grassroots journalism?

      It is an effort on the lines of citizen journalism, where citizens
      become reporters. Citizens send in stories. But we love to call it
      grassroots journalism as we intend not to cover hardcore news. We leave
      that to the mainstream media. We love to call our effort as grassroots
      journalism because our initiative heavily has a social aspect, where the
      journalists just don’t report, but come up with solutions. That however
      does not mean, we do not cover mainstream news. We do, if we find if
      it’s being reported for the first time. The idea is not to just throw
      stats at the reader, but analyse what’s happening. For example…
      everybody loves to talk about Himachal as Number one state in education.
      Everyone loves to throw stats at the reader about the high literacy.
      However, we want to tell the reader, what exactly is being done to
      encourage education.

      To know more about us log onto http://www.himvani.com

      We would also like thank the moderator teams of Shimlahangout (Nityin)
      and ApnaHimachal (Sanjeev Rana) yahoogroups for letting us promote
      HimVani on their forums.

      with warm regards

      Varun Rattan Singh

      Team member
      www.HimVani.com - The Voice of Himachal
      Rediscover your roots !

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