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2057Vasudha update !

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  • Varun Rattan Singh
    10 Jan 10:48 pm

      I am sure many of us are waiting for an update with regards to Vasudha.
      I received a mail from Mr Vikram Rawat, (Vasudhas father)and sharing
      some of the excerpts
      It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to convey to you that we
      had been able to implant cochlear to Vasudha., My entire family is
      greatly thankful for your help and moral support.

      The date of surgery and depositing of money was fixed by Dr. R.C. Deka
      on 11th of December. I went to Delhi along with my family Rajni ,my wife
      ,Vasudha and her 3 years old younger sister Cheshta. The final date of
      operation was fixed on 14th and Vasudha was admitted to Hospital on
      13th. Since implants are very sensitive to infection so Vasudha was kept
      in isolation room. Even Parent are not allowed to enter the rooms
      without masks on the face. On 14th she was taken to operation theatre at
      8.20 A.M and brought back at 2.20 P.M.. She remained unconscious for 5
      hour after 2.20 P.M. She recovered nicely. Dr. R.C. Deka performed the
      surgery and Dr. Shyam and Dr. Mohnish assisted him. Dr. Mohnish a
      very young and energetic doctor took every care of Vasudha. The
      hospital staff was very caring and helpful.

      Now she is fully recovered. Her implant and external equipments shall
      start working on 12th of January, and this will be followed by regular
      trips to Delhi for therapy and mapping etc. in the next 1~2 years. The
      sound of this world would break her silence on 12th, and we hope she
      would start hearing us. The identification of voices and reaction would
      take couple of months like a new born baby, may be years, but we are
      quite confident, if her implant work properly ,we’d put our all out
      efforts for rehabilitation of Vasudha.


      We will soon be putting up names of the contributors who helped in this
      initiative. The family still requires support and those of you who are
      interested in contributing can check out details here

      with warm regards

      Varun Rattan Singh

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