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2088India to Clip the Wings of Internet

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  • Nitin
    Apr 7, 2007
      India tried it once about six months back but was forced to pull back due to strong protests. Now however, the country's Department of Telecom (DoT), the authority that controls telecommunications, is working on a smart way out of censoring the Internet without attracting a public outcry. And if the DoT can have its way, India may put a stop to Internet telephony services of Yahoo, MSN and Skype among a host of others that are mushrooming in the country.

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      I feel this is the old telephone companies fighting with the new IT companies. The internet is a serious threat to the telephone business. I'm afraid there is some way to go yet before Telecoms and the internet break out of the dark ages of government control.  Nobody, for instance, seems interested in moving "broadband" (fraudband, as many of us call it) forward to match the kind of speeds that many countries offer. Apparently, even our tiny neighbour Sri Lanka is way ahead of us on bandwidth/cost.

      Dosen't the govt have anything better to do? how about building some good roads for instance.