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2135Re: Lets meet on 21st October, Shimla Press Club

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  • Varun Rattan Singh
    Nov 18, 2007
      Hi Hangouters

      I am sorry for the delay in sending information about the meeting on
      21st. Apolgies and here is the story.

      Since this was first meeting of HimVani, it started with a round of
      introductions. The participants present were.

      1. Mr. D. D. Sharma (Currently working with Tourism department and
      also a documentary film maker. He is a writer and has been associated
      with HimVani.com for few months now)
      2. Mr. Inderjeet Duggal (Currently working with AIR Shimla. Mr Duggal
      is a senior and well respected individual in the media fraternity of
      3. Ms Praveena Katoch (Journalism students)
      4. Ms. Muskan Singh (Journalism students)
      5. Ms Hemlata Dogra (Journalist with Indian Express)
      6. Mr Akhil Puri (volunteer at heart, Akhil is travel enthusiast and
      part of team which organises international Mountain Terrain Biking
      competition in Himachal)
      7. Ms Priyanka Jain (Currently working as faculty with ICFAI Shimla.
      She teaches management students as well works as a volunteer with
      ROTRACT Shimla)
      8. Mr Subhash Mendhapurkar (He has been residing in Himachal for 30
      years, a state which adopted by choice. He is instrumental in running
      an NGO called SUTRA which has been working on tacking developmental
      issues in Himachal. )
      9. Mr. Ajai Srivastava (Currently working as Chief Editor of JANPAKSH
      a weekly Hindi magazine focussing on Himachal. He is also involved in
      raising issues related to disability)
      10. Mr Rajender Rana (Currently working as web designer with a firm
      in Delhi. He is also does lot of freelance work. For NGO's Rajender
      is willing to offer his services at a subsidised rates)
      11. Mr Varun Singh (Currently working as a consultant with Department
      of IT on Rural IT project.)

      I must mention here that Rajender had come all the way from Delhi to
      attend the meeting.

      Broadly the discussion focused on how to make HimVani, truly the
      Voice of Himachal.

      1. It was felt that in Himachal there is lack of debates and HimVani
      can be a medium which can bring social issues to limelight by
      generating debate in the state. This could be done in partnership
      with various NGOs which recently got associated with HimVani.

      2. The medium chosen for this was by organising Jan Sunwai or Public
      meetings. The ground work for this will be done this year so that by
      next year HimVani will be able to do such meeting in Shimla. The
      issues related to common man will be raised such as education,
      health, governance etc.

      3. It was felt that HimVani should help reach out to student
      community and seek their partnership to support in volunteer activity
      of various NGO's based on their interest.

      4. The participants were also informed about the activities of
      HimVani.com core team and the kind of organisation and social
      business model which we have arrived at.

      with warm regards

      Varun Rattan Singh
      +91 98160 76772

      The Voice of Himachal
      Himachal's First Citizen Journalism Initiative

      To know me better follow this trail http://www.himvani.com/maverick
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