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  • Varun Rattan Singh
    17 Jan 7:37 am

      There are about 70 xyz@... email ids up for grab with 6GB
      space. As a "Thank You" gesture for supporting us through thick and
      thin, we are opening them up to our regular users,
      writers/contributors and readers. The mails (www.gmail.himvani.com)
      are configured on Gmail platform, so you have the ease of accessing it
      anywhere on the web. You can import your Address Book and even chat
      with your Gmail user friends from within the HimVani id. All features
      of Gmail are available like Docs, Chat, Gtalk etc.

      However, as of now, you won't be able to register on your own (as it
      is a limited offer). Those interested in having an @himvani id, please
      write back to me at varun.ratan@... or info@... with
      the following details:

      First Name:
      Second Name:
      Desired User Name (Please provide two/three options in case the name
      is not available):

      We'll send you the details and the password, after which you'll be
      forced to change the password on your first Log In


      1. HimVani reserves the right to decline the request for an
      @... email id sent by. 2. HimVani reserves the right to delete
      the account and ban the User in case the id is being used for unlawful
      3. HimVani reserves the right to delete the account in case it is
      inactive for more than four months and give it to somebody else.
      4. All other Terms and Conditions by Google/Gmail apply.
      5. As this is a Limited offer, we may not be able to meet all the
      requests. Hoping to see a good response.

      Hope to see responses from many of you, So ahead and FLAUNT your
      support for HimVani.com

      with warm regards,

      Varun Rattan Singh
      Co-founder - HimVani.com
      +91 98160 76772

      The Voice of Himachal

      To know me better follow this trail http://www.himvani.com/maverick