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2410Re: Shimla - Newsletter Think of improvements rather than living with what is available

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  • Rajiv Mehta
    Aug 21, 2008
      Dear Nithyn,
      I also started thinking in same line, for ur information I visited Himachal aqtleast seven times, n now feel boring bcz it is same since last five years,
      . That time also there was nothing interesting 4 childern as it is now.
      Plz make it clear that this activity is related to first time visitor only so that people a;ready visited do not take membership.
      What to see in Shimla and in Himachal Pradesh is given in Himachal Tourism web site and no membership of ur site is required to tell wht
      at to see.
      Pl don't mind my outspoken method but if u ask people, the tourists what they were looking for and what they could achieve will be better to improve through their i9nput.
      I appreciate your efforts in this field and extend all cooperation in improving.

      --- On Thu, 21/8/08, amit dhiman <dhiman_77@...> wrote:
      From: amit dhiman <dhiman_77@...>
      Subject: Re: Shimla - Newsletter Think of improvements rather than living with what is available
      To: Shimlahangout@...
      Date: Thursday, 21 August, 2008, 2:36 PM

      Dear Nithyn,
      Thanks for your  expected prompt reaction , i never knew this group is ment for people to mingle around and just a training group for first timers, anyways buddy I  appreciate your effort and patience to maintain this group and definately undestand the problems assocaited with it.
      I am sorry to say but i feel your effort in making this group interesting rather than think tank is not at all working and you are wasting your time.
      Please accept my apologies as i was thinking little different when i joined this group.
      Thanks to delete me from your mailing list.
      Good luck

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