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2412Re: Shimla - Newsletter Think of improvements rather than living with what is available

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  • Moderator, ShimlaHangout
    Aug 21, 2008
      Hi Rajiv
      You are a lucky man that you have visited Himachal at least 7 times and now feel boring. I have lived in Shimla for past 34 years and still find it interesting. Well, it is a matter of prespective of seeing things!
      I fail to understand the point here about taking membership here. The membership is all voluntary. If one feels like joining, then a warm welcome and if one feels like leaving, then it was great having you with us. I beleive we live in a democracy and any one is free to express his/her opinions. I can only moderate the message for offensive or abusive language or the spirit of message. I cannot control the thought process here. Being a public board anyone wishes to ask for info about tourist places and anyone chooses to reply what is wrong with it? True there is a Himachal Tourism site but human experiences are more practical and more informative. Tourism site can tell you all about Shimla, but never tells you that the moment you enter Shimla you are highjacked by the touts and coolies. This can only be told by a member living here.
      Please also don't be offended by the outspokenness here, but there is a delete button if one does'nt feel like responding to a particular message. I find people asking to have a meaningful discussion but NO ONE appears to be starting one.

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