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  • Varun Rattan Singh
    21 Jan 2:07 am

      I am please to inform that HimVani team has recently announced a logo
      competition for designing a new logo of our website. The details of
      the competition are given below. Feel free to submit your entries to
      our email address as mentioned below.

      HimVani logo design competition
      Reward: Rs 2,000
      Last date: February 5, 2009

      HimVani is looking for a new logo, and here's a chance to win Rs
      2,000, if the logo is adopted by the website.

      Time to time, we like to uplift ourselves and bring about a change.
      Hence we've decided to give our logo a new look. Here's a chance for
      you to design the logo.

      Send your entries to competition[AT]himvani[DOT]com, along with your

      Contact No:
      Description of logo:

      * Please write a paragraph or two on what the logo symbolizes and
      what it stands for.
      * What do the colours used in the logo stand for.

      THE FILE
      The file must be a JPG file and not more than 379 (width) X
      137(height) pixels in size.
      If the logo is adopted, we'll ask for the PSD file.

      THE LOOK

      * The logo should be simple. It may be graphical, or in words.
      * However, it should not be of old style but modern and should look global.
      * It MAY have the word HimVani or HV in it.
      * You may add a catchline/tagline/positioning statement, if you want.
      * Simplicity and elegance get counted.
      * Colours should be in harmony with the theme of Himachal
      * If you want to take a creative license, we are open to it, but
      please justify your creativity in the paragraph (Description of logo)


      * There is no age bar.
      * You can send as many entries.
      * The entries will be posted on a page for voting.
      * Ten entries that get the maximum votes may be considered for the
      final round.
      * However, the final decision of adoption remains with HimVani.
      * HimVani would have the copyright for the final logo selected.
      * The prize money would be sent as a cheque to the address sent
      along with the entry.
      * For entries that are not selected, copyright for them remains
      with the sender. However, if we wish to keep some logos in our bank
      from occasion to occasion, we'll inform the designer.

      February 5, 2009

      Send your entries to:

      with regards

      Varun Rattan Singh
      +91 98160 76772

      The Voice of Himachal

      To know me better follow this trail http://www.himvani.com/maverick