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679RE: Hangout - Newsletter Thanx for the pics ...

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  • surindra
    Oct 25, 2002

      Hello Nitin:


      You might consider downloading the pictures at imagestation.com. There is no limit to might knowledge. You will have to log on to see the pictures. Just a few pictures of mine, you will be redirected to imagestation.com:






      I have a lot more pictures on this and on my own sites. Please let me know if you are interested. Sorry, no recent pictures from India.





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      Thanks Tenzin.. you liked the pics.. I have rolls and rolls of them but due to space constraints in the photo section can't upload all of them. Yes Sarahan is divine..! I simply love the place.. The drive from Jeori to Sarahan is just great.. except for the oddly placed speed breaker on a blind curve at the ITBP camp .. I had a minor accident there both me and my bike.. just went off the road.. to the field just next to it....!!


      Know what there is a cyber cafe in Rampur.... run by a guy named Anirudh Bisht... found this cyber cafe  ... looking to log on to my hotmail account... The guy just finished his engg from Pune.. and is now back...You can contact him for farm - fresh news from back home..! :))




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