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Whistle Blowers are looked upon Unfavourably by all including the Authorities !!

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  • ashok sharma
    Empowering the Whistle Blower ! Who does t know that our society has become thoroughly corrupt with. all our Government departments with execption to none are
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2005


      Empowering the Whistle Blower !



      Who does't know that our society has become thoroughly corrupt with.

      all our Government departments with execption to none are included in free for all loot. A common citizen, unwilling to compromize with the system is dying and is given no respite from the problems created by corrupt gangs everywhere. Problems are really out of control thanks to corrupt regulating agencies and the staff in all departments not doing their job without the lure of money or some other considerations.


      Looking at the facts that the Government lacks the will to enforce something to arrest the seathing sea of corruption- average man in our society has lost all hopes of revival to better days.


      Chasing the Money Jinn, officials in Police, Civil Administration, Judiciary, Taxation and in almost all public dealing departments are running here and there ruthlessly and blatantly flouting rules at their will with no one to check them.One who cannot pay bribe has no chance and is an outcast in our society.


      Offer the money and regulatory agencies within the government shall close their eyes to everything, be it toxic waste polluting our air, water and earth by the large companies, encroachments by unauthorized goons, taxes, police assistance or bare citizens rights..!. People are tired and sick of all this and I hear the rumbling of Corruption Valcano in different forms speeding up and brewing to unprecedented levels that may errupt any moment with devasting consequences yet to come.


      Value system within the Sarkari confines has changed too and I see this everyday as everything we do is looked at in terms of monetary cost and not human cost.


      The WHISTLEBLOWERS and their supporting groups who care to petition or lobby for a  better society and groups of concerned citizen and progressive individual lack the muscle that these big corporations, corrupt people and others in power have and are regrettably looked upon very UNfavourably by the authorities.


      The question I put forward to friends is- Is there any way to make our Whistle-blowers strong and respected in society.?


      Ashok Sharma




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