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Centre nod to partial revival of Hindustan-Tibet Road

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  • Tenzin
    Hi, As i had mentioned in the aftermath of parechu dam bursting, that the revival of old Hindustan-Tibet road should be on cards to counter the happenings on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2005

      As i had mentioned in the aftermath of parechu dam
      bursting, that the revival of old Hindustan-Tibet road
      should be on cards to counter the happenings on NH-22/
      new Hindustan Tibet road.
      The Union of India has asked for the revival of the
      old road. It is a welcome development. This road
      development would lead to spurt in improvement of
      living standards in the remote corners which were
      earlier bypassed and also act as a standby road in
      case of NH-22 is closed. I would further suggest that
      the govt revive the road from Sarahan Bushair( 18 km
      from Jeori which lies on NH22 ) onwards. Since
      historically that has always been the gateway to
      Kinnaur and Tibet. Moreover, they should align this
      road for the development of tourist infrastucture.
      This would be a fabolous addition to the already
      famous toursim spot like Sangla valley and Kalpa. Let
      the local people enjoy the fruits of this road
      development atleat. I hope the govt keeps that in mind
      while redeveloping this road.

      Attached is the report.

      Centre nod to partial revival of Hindustan-Tibet Road
      Tribune News Service

      Shimla, October 2
      The Centre has agreed in principle to the proposal to
      partly revive the abandoned old Hindustan-Tibet road
      as an alternative road to the existing National
      Highway (NH-22), the only link to the tribal Kinnaur
      and Spiti areas, which has of late become highly
      vulnerable to damage from floods.

      A Central team, which visited the area in the wake of
      Parechu Lake disaster, has given its nod to the
      proposal under which a 75-km road will be constructed
      from Tapri to Kiran Khad. It will be a single-lane
      road at a much higher alignment than the national
      highway, which runs dangerously close to the Sutlej.
      Funds for the Rs 50-crore project will be provided by
      the Centre under the border areas development scheme.

      Starting from Tapri, the proposed road will pass
      through Karcham, Peo, Pangi, Thopan ,Rarang and Kirang
      Khad on the right bank before rejoining it. While
      about 40 km road will be mostly aligned along the
      abandoned old Hindustan-Tibet road, the rest will be
      realigned to bypass very high portions. It will not
      cross over the river and thus no big bridges will be

      The existing national highway criss-crosses the river
      six times between Wangtu and Khab. Its vulnerability
      was exposed during the August 2000 floods when 18
      small, big bridges on the river and vast stretches of
      road, about 20 km in length, were washed away.
      Consequently, large parts of the tribal belt remained
      cut off for almost a year. The calamity repeated early
      this year when floods, caused due to the breaching of
      the Parechu Lake in Tibet, washed away as many as
      eight important bridges and wiped out large portions
      of road.

      The road will also help provide connectivity to
      villages which are mostly located at higher elevations
      at a safe distance from the river. There is very
      little population along the banks of the river.

      Another alternative road will be built to bypass the
      treacherous hill terrain at Malling Nullah, which has
      been constantly on slide for the past about eight
      years. The road remains blocked for months together.
      The 11-km road will pass through Leo on the right bank
      of Spiti and rejoin the existing highway at Chango.

      Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005
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