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Add 5,000 crores to NJPC project

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  • Tenzin
    Hi, Well seems like the gaping hole just got bigger by 5,000 crores. It would be interesting to see how the concerned parties here jiggle their account
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2005

      Well seems like the gaping hole just got bigger by 5,000 crores. It would be interesting to see how the concerned parties  here jiggle their account books for this additional cost. In its current form electricty production cost of Rs 6 per unit is simply mind boggling and unsaleable for the Khab project. NJPC also can`t account for this cost alone. Disregard for sufficient precautionary measures while planning NJPC has lead to this. Now the "Satluj Jal vidyut Pariyojna" and Perchu happening are being given as other reasons for the construction of Khab dam, to save embarassment.

      Fact is, we do need a dam now to save NJPC. This should be accepted as a reality and not dingle dangled with other reasons.

       Moreover, the current tension against the construction of tunnels carrying Sutlej water is also a valid concern. The H.P. Govt should take a lead in getting the issues solved by taking in confidence the local village councils, the project contractors and the Govt. of India. Villagers concerned of drying water table and landslides which causes damage to the orchards and homes due to under ground explosions and boring of tunnles is valid. Remember water is a  precious commodity up in the mighty cold himalayan deserts.
      One way could be providing assured employment to one memeber of the affected families a permanent job in such a mega project. The right to livelihood is afterall a worthy cause to defend.

      Khab dam to be highest in country
      Rakesh Lohumi
      Tribune News Service
      Shimla, November 23
      The 275-m high storage dam proposed to be built at Khab in Kinnaur district to tame the Sutlej will be the highest in the country.
      Specifically designed with the objective of protecting the downstream hydroelectric projects from damage due to excessive silt and floods, the dam will cost over Rs 5,000 crore. It will be the second highest concrete gravity dam of the world after the 285-m high Grand Dixiens Dam in Switzerland. At present the 261-m Tihri dam is the highest in the country, followed by 225-m Bhakra dam.
      The abnormally high level of silt in the river has made it imperative for the Sutlej Jal Vidyut Nigam, which originally planned to construct a run-of-the-river hydroelectric project at Khab by boring a 22-km-long tunnel, to go in for a storage project. The 1500-MW Nathpa Jhakri project was repeatedly shutdown due to excessive silt during the recent monsoon, which cost the nigam over Rs 650 crore.
      The pre-feasibility report prepared by the nigam indicates that a high dam was required to arrest the 12 million cubic metre (MCM) of silt which the snow-fed Sutlej and Spiti, its main tributary, bring down annually. Further, the structure must be able to take care of eventualities like bursting of the Parechu-like water body which could bring 74 MCM of water in a gush.
      As per the prevalent standards, a storage dam must have a minimum life of 25 years and taking the silt load and Parechu factor into consideration the minimum height of the dam works out to 275-m, explains Mr Vijay Chopra, General Manager, Infrastructure Design. The project has been designed to generate 1020 MW of power, but the cost of generation will come to about Rs 6 per unit, almost double the normal cost, because of the construction of dam. The cost of the project has been estimated at Rs 10,000 crore and the dam will account for half of it. Thus, to ensure viability the projects located right down to the Bhakra dam, which will directly benefit from the construction of dam, have to share the cost, he adds.
      The reservoir formed by the dam will extend up to a point just 4 km short of the Indo-China border at Shipki La. Only three villages will be submerged in the sparsely populated tribal area. Even otherwise, villages like Leo which bore the brunt of Parechu fury, are to be relocated at a safer height from the river bank.
      The power producers of the Sutlej basin have already formed a forum to address the common issues but the Centre will have to work out some formula for cost sharing to make the highest storage dam a reality.

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