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  • hello my options were fading fast this was such a gift these days people come to me for financial advice just wanted to help out a friend http://stodolskaleszno.home.pl/JohnJones88.html talk to you soon.
    RISHAV Oct 18, 2011
  • sup! I want to present http://newcreationnow.org/summer_tabs.html Sent from my iPhone.
    RISHAV Jun 15, 2011
  • do you need this? http://beenaturalshop.com/file_08.html
    RISHAV May 31, 2011
  • Hello Bhavnesh ...Welcome to the coolest group for Shimla & Himachalites... BHUVNESH SHARMA wrote: Hi Everyone I am Bhuvnesh Sharma. Great to see you all Shimla Loverss togather. I got myself registered while I was in Toky but now I am in Bangalore. Just changed the job and joined Oracle. Ofcourse I am very much from Shimla. Missing Shimla the Mall, Lower bazar and ofcourse...
    RISHAV Dec 20, 2004
  • hello which batch ? raghu khanna wrote: hi guys i m doing my undergraduation at IIT G i m from shimla , staying at summerhill ...i did my schooling from st edwards school.. adios, raghu ShimlaHangout: Catch up with friends! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Shimlahangout __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam...
    RISHAV Oct 30, 2004
  • Hi, I am creating a birthday calendar of all my friends and family. Can you please click on the link below to enter your birthday for me. http://www.BirthdayAlarm.com/dob1/26872662a51698733b250033916c969 Thanks, Rishav
    Rishav Kashyap Oct 18, 2004
  • ...dear its true and take no offence of it man its a thing that u can be proud of. Chill out dear. My e-mail & chat id once again is adonis_for_u2000@^$1 . C y guys Rishav Hey Rishav, Cool! i am so excited i know someone online from shimla because in US you will not find any one...
    RISHAV Oct 8, 2004
  • ...msn? Well if u do then u can add me up and we can catch up on chat... Mailing becomes boring some times... my yahoo chat id is : adonis_for_u2000@^$1 & MSN chat id is : rishav2@^$2 Well that�s it as of now. U too try too be in touch and yes tell me your full name and where...
    RISHAV Oct 8, 2004
  • ...company Hometown Shimla Interests: reading-fiction, movies, driving, surfing, photography etc..... Well rest when we chat yahoo id: adonis_for_u2000@^$1 MSN id: rishav2@^$2 Looking fwd to catchup with u soon Till then take care and be good !!! CIAO m_sarna wrote: Hi everyone...
    RISHAV Oct 6, 2004
  • ...com/splash/75IRH?inviteId=FUML8OX8FO2431753s35498795 This invitation was sent to shimlahangout@^$1 on behalf of Rishav Kashyap (adonis_for_u2000@^$2). If you do not wish to receive invitations from hi5 members, click on the link below: http://www.hi5network.com/friend/displayBlockInvite...
    Rishav Kashyap Oct 5, 2004