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  • Ramit, I would say it depends on how much you willing to spend , not sure about HP but I do know Canon is really good a bit dear but they really good. Check out cannot it is really good.
    ankush_chowdhary Jul 12, 2005
  • Ramit, If you looking to buy something for personal use then you should consider sony "cyber shot" the 4.1Mega pix is a very good choice plus its cheap and very handy and light.Costs around $AUD300 i.e roughly 6000 INR. Details http://www.sony.com.au/dis/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=22119 If you wanna spend more you can go upto 5 Mega pixel or even higher depends on your budget. ankush
    ankush_chowdhary Jul 11, 2005
  • Awesome nityn I wasn't sure how you manage it but its just that I am a bit critical, I like to go to shimlhangout and read shimla stuff and meet shimla people and help and get help but you know at times some users just abuse the privilage. And ya i am still waiting for that ishimla thing you keen drop me a mail. cheers ankush
    ankush_chowdhary May 19, 2005
  • Hi Tarun, Dont mind my saying that but this post of yours, how has this got anything to do with "Shimlahangout" and the topic the forum is based on. I think we get enough spam in our mailboxes already!!Please stick to the topic. Nitin I think members should to get posts in the mailbox releavant to the "group" not this, I think you should make posts to be moderated ,not my place to...
    ankush_chowdhary May 18, 2005
  • Also forgot to mention I am looking for moderators for the message boards on ishimla.com, those interested in any particular topic can email me with their ishimla.com usernames and I can add them to moderators group. thanks for all the mails, those who have shown interest. cheers ankush
    ankush_chowdhary Mar 27, 2005
  • Hi Nitin, Thanks for that, good to know you willing to help...so if your BSNL allows you to connect to yahoo messenger then we can chat about this in a bit detail ;-) cheers ankush
    ankush_chowdhary Mar 27, 2005
  • ...rights to perform the work without any approvals. For those who are interested can discuss the details with me on my email address ankush_chowdhary@^$1..,so if it sounds fun please drop in a line. Cheers Ankush http://www.ishimla.com
    ankush_chowdhary Mar 27, 2005
  • Hi Nityin, Good to hear from you after a long time, hope you enjoying your married life :), hope we can get rid of these forwards and put a filter on the members who put forwards up :P Also some good news after 5hrs of struggle ishimla.com is up now with no errors and its quite fast now.Also just one hiccup and that is that lost all the data from message boards, but I am sure all...
    ankush_chowdhary May 22, 2004
  • hey guys please forgive us with your FORWARDS!!! we get enough in our mail boxes !!!And god bless all those ppl who have thier email addresses displayed here on the message boards, I won't be suprised if they get lots of junk now. :) Hey mod hope you keeping a check?? cheers ankush
    ankush_chowdhary May 19, 2004
  • Well guys I didn't read the message thats been trashed so cannot really say what Manik originally posted but from what I can make out from the subject Line frankly speaking I don't think so there is anything wrong with it cos "I too like Shimla girls" so either everyone here is too polished or there is something wrong with me. Anyway thats what I think?? cheers ankush --- In...
    ankush_chowdhary May 6, 2004