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  • hi, nice to see there is so much activity on the group. hi sonu so you too joined the group!!! nice to see you here. rishav it was nice chatting to you that day. right now too i have sent messages to you on yahoo but no reply from you. maybe you are not on your desk. hi mamta! welcome to the group. i am manish, used to live in sanjauli right now i am working in bangkok. niec too...
    manish_saihgal Oct 9, 2004
  • i passed out in 1990. are you rohit vaid? yes or no! but it is nice to be in touch with you manish
    manish_saihgal Oct 5, 2004
  • thanks for responding. where are you from in shimla. my brother also studied in dav but he must be your senior as he passed out before the school shifted to new shimla manish
    manish_saihgal Oct 5, 2004
  • hi sohit, welcome to the group. i too have just joined the group, and like you i too got the reference for the edwardian group on the net. are you too an edwardian? manish
    manish_saihgal Oct 4, 2004
  • i just came accross this group while surfing the net. i am manish, brought up in shimla studied in st. ed-ward's. presently working in bangkok. be in touch manish
    manish_saihgal Sep 30, 2004