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  • Varun, bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad ;o)wait karo and aap bhi aise hi bolenge :o) Rajeev, long time!
    Rachna Sep 17, 2003
  • Hey Nitin Great news!! Congrats! It'll be lovely in Narkanda in December...... What's the name of the girl and why don't you introduce her to us on Shimlahangout. That'll be gr8! All the very best! Rachna NITYIN wrote: Hey people.. howdy... some good discussions on board.. enjoyed everybit of it... Great work Neetika.. I knew I could always count on you! Well the great news is am...
    rachna kanwar Sep 14, 2003
  • Watch Oops, Bhoot, Hera Pheri, Love Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega, Company. sarju5 wrote: hi guys ... It seems that I need your help again I am in a mood to watch some hindi movies now a days .... Please tell me some good hindi movies those were relesed during the last two years or so ... I am going to watch quite a bit of movies for the next few weeks .... the only movies (from the...
    rachna kanwar Aug 7, 2003
  • Rohit, I agree with you and I'm sure that if we start some sort of a movement we'll be able to stop this mania somewhere, sometime. Everybody......Do send suggestions as to what we can do and then lets zero down on a plan. Whadya say?
    Rachna Jul 8, 2003
  • Hey Rohit These are lovely places........where are they!!
    Rachna Jul 7, 2003
  • Hi, I'm back! I had gone for a holiday and you'll be seeing more of me now :o)
    Rachna Jul 4, 2003
  • Hi, Gud to hear that u liked midival punditz. Gaurav raina is a gud friend of mine and u're bang on when u said they ROCK! Have u checked out Indian Ocean's new video? Its called Jhini, I liked it. BTW I was at the meet with the club infonet guys, varun has the pics. I'll request him to put them.
    Rachna <rachna_kanwar2000@yahoo.co.in> Jun 4, 2003
  • Hey guyz! We had a gr8 meeting on Sunday in Delhi. We were 10 of us, kudos to Varun for his effort! We met at the Habitat centre and had a long formal discussion on sustainable development of the state. Mr. Chandnani had invited a professor from IIT. Varun will send the details later. We had informal discussions as well over tea and met some interesting people. :) Thanks Varun!
    Rachna <rachna_kanwar2000@yahoo.co.in> May 27, 2003
  • Hey people! Thanx a ton for your inputs. My friend is overwhelmed with info. :)Sarju,Nitin, Tenzin thnx a ton. Nitin, I had read the starvation death news and it was awfully sad, I always boasted that I come from a state where there's enuff for people to eat and offer to others. :( This piece was like a slap on the face. I still believe its a one off case. Your views.... Neetika, I...
    Rachna <rachna_kanwar2000@yahoo.co.in> May 22, 2003
  • Hey! I'm cool Sarju, u don't have to apologise :) See, its a family kind of scene, not the trekking variety, you guessed it right. So, they'll need some decent place to stay, but not expensive, if Banjara is expensive, then I won't suggest that. Where can they stay in Thanedar/Shoja and how far is it from shimla?
    Rachna <rachna_kanwar2000@yahoo.co.in> May 21, 2003