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  • hiiiiiiiiiiii i am also from kangra. ----- Original Message ---- From: Tanha Goldy To: Shimlahangout@^$1 Sent: Friday, August 1, 2008 1:36:40 AM Subject: Shimla - Newsletter Shimla Hi friends this is Goldy from kangara.... ......... . --- On Thu, 31/7/08, sunil sharma co.in > wrote: From: sunil sharma Subject: Shimla - Newsletter hi.......... ......... . To: Shimlahangout...
    Vibhor Rai Aug 4, 2008
  • i am from new shimla and you? ----- Original Message ---- From: Varun Rattan Singh To: himvani@^$1 Cc: Team HimVani ; Shimlahangout@^$2; apnahimachal@^$3; Rahul Dewan ; devbhoomihimachal@^$4; sacredheartian@^$5; vohshimla@^$6; Anil Semwal Sent: Saturday, August 2, 2008 9:51:50 AM Subject: Shimla - Newsletter IT Cooperative in Himachal - Urgent Hi, The monsoons in Shimla have been...
    Vibhor Rai Aug 1, 2008
  • hi what is your name?i agree with you?where r u from?i am from jakhoo ----- Original Message ---- From: Deevil Angel To: Shimlahangout@^$1 Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 4:03:01 PM Subject: Re: Shimla - Newsletter Dear friends, Don't u think ! I am agreed for u r point of detoring the Shimla beauty but not satisfy the answer of deepak mehra to providing employement. We need the...
    Vibhor Rai Jul 31, 2008
  • no yaar i am from dharamshala ----- Original Message ---- From: choudhary anitkumar To: Shimlahangout@^$1 Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 7:06:49 PM Subject: Re: Shimla - Newsletter (unknown) hi from palampur r u from palampur Bring your gang together. Do your thing. Find your favourite Yahoo! Group.
    Vibhor Rai Jul 23, 2008
  • my ame iz vibhor i am from shimla studing in +2 and u ----- Original Message ---- From: Sameer Gupta To: Shimlahangout@^$1 Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 11:26:36 PM Subject: Shimla - Newsletter (unknown) hi ravi, sameer here want to know more about yourself,and make u my friend,
    Vibhor Rai Jul 23, 2008