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Art of giving

The peace which you get by serving someone who cannot pay you back stays in your heart forever. Almost ten years back, I was going through lowest phase of my
C. P. Kumar
9:05 pm

My God is love not fear

India is a land of lots of customs and beliefs. Somehow, with these customs along came lots of fears. If you do not do this, this will happen, if you do not do
C. P. Kumar
17 Oct

Love each other

I wish we will learn to spend more energy on loving each other rather than following rituals one day. Festival time is here, which is supposed to bring lots of
C. P. Kumar
16 Oct

Take a step forward

One day it will all make a sense, have faith. Take a step forward. Someone, who was struggling to find a financial footing for last eight years called up and
C. P. Kumar
15 Oct

Embrace own light

Do you want to be engulfed in others darkness or embrace own light? Few days back, my friend called up. She was crying badly. I asked her the reason for same.
C. P. Kumar
14 Oct

Do every work as a service to God

Do your every work like it is a service to God. With that sincerity and love. I asked my cook, how come you are always happy at every place you are working.
C. P. Kumar
13 Oct

Every answer lies within

If you want peace, go within, if you want healing, go with in, if you want happiness go within.  One gentleman who was very angry always, thought that
C. P. Kumar
11 Oct

Be grateful

If we do not know how to be grateful, we do not know how to receive now and in future. Three girls were working for the same employer. On the occasion of
C. P. Kumar
10 Oct

Be kind and loving

First quality required in any human being is to be kind and loving for self and everyone around. A mother of five years old asked me that what is the one
C. P. Kumar
9 Oct

Happening inside you...

Whats happening inside you is more important than whats happening around you. He was full of anger. His wife did not serve him a proper breakfast that day. She
C. P. Kumar
8 Oct

Focus on what you desire

You can create a life you desire, only by focusing on what you desire. She grew up in a small family set up. Her father was working as a construction worker
C. P. Kumar
7 Oct

Love, love, love

Just keep loving everyone and everything you have around you and inside you. No more judgement of anything now. He is good, he is bad, that thing is too small,
C. P. Kumar
5 Oct

Be the love you want

You do not have to do anything to get love in your life. Just be the love you want and you will get it. There are three important areas of our lives. The
C. P. Kumar
3 Oct

Help anyone and everyone

Today take a decision you will help anyone and everyone you meet today without judgement. You will be happy for yourself! One friend came and started talking
C. P. Kumar
2 Oct

Look back to learn and grow

Don’t look back at life to punish yourself. Look back to learn and grow. They were married for 13 years and suddenly he started doubting that she was having
C. P. Kumar
1 Oct
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