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Learn to walk on your own

More I depend on myself, happier I become, stronger I become. Almost a decade back, I was sitting hurt and dejected as my trust had been broken and I was
C. P. Kumar
8:42 pm

Hold on to love

A house wife who had lived with her in laws for 10 years was very depressed. She had lived in a very difficult environment where she faced constant criticism
C. P. Kumar
28 Apr

Work with honesty

If you really want to grow happy and healthy, work with honesty and 100% honest intentions. There are thousands of stories of dishonesty, where the person who
C. P. Kumar
27 Apr

See the beauty in everything

My mother used to share a story when I was small. It is from Bhagwadgita. Now, the beauty of these books is, in one story they have thousands of stories to
C. P. Kumar
26 Apr

Use your energies for better thoughts

We all know this. We sit and talk  and what do we talk about mostly? About someone? We laugh about someone, we express our feelings which are generally not so
C. P. Kumar
25 Apr

The way you feel...

If you feel world is a bad place, it is and if you feel it's heaven then it is. Two sisters grew up together and got everything same. They had a happy life.
C. P. Kumar
23 Apr

Love yourself unconditionally

I wish we all were trained on loving ourselves unconditionally first. I am not enough is something I have heard from many people.  When we were small, we were
C. P. Kumar
20 Apr

What is trying to break will make you strong

Met an iron lady. Why iron? Because she was made up of steel. We all receive share of life in various forms at various times. But for some the challenges are
C. P. Kumar
19 Apr

Choose to see better side of everyone

Everyone I meet has a better side. I choose to see that. I grew up in a huge joint family. Almost everyone talked about everyone. We were told to take every
C. P. Kumar
18 Apr

Drop has the ocean or the ocean has the drop

Drop has the ocean or the ocean has the drop. Does not matter if they both know. Few years back I was sitting next to sea and I tasted one drop of it. Then one
C. P. Kumar
18 Apr

My life my responsibility

My life my responsibility. No one to be blamed for what happens in my life.  One guy wanted to get married to a girl he loved but he wanted his parents to
C. P. Kumar
17 Apr

Angel inside you

An angel inside us will always uplift others. It's ego which brings others down. One lady who was always in rivalry with her sister in law tried putting her
C. P. Kumar
15 Apr

Live an honest life

An honest man knows no fear and a liar has no shield. A lady told her son always that be a good boy. One day when he was able to stand and understand, mother
C. P. Kumar
14 Apr

Mind defines the state of life

Your life shall not define your state of mind. Your mind shall define your state of life. Our mind creates our life. We have been told this secret. A happy
C. P. Kumar
13 Apr

The only way to heal your relationship is with love

One gentleman who really loved his wife but could not care for her in initial years of marriage was struggling to keep the marriage together. He was busy
C. P. Kumar
12 Apr
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