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1294Choose to see better side of everyone

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  • C. P. Kumar
    Apr 18, 2017
      Everyone I meet has a better side. I choose to see that.

      I grew up in a huge joint family. Almost everyone talked about everyone. We were told to take every step with caution or else it would be talked about. It was such an imprisoned life. All the time you are worried what others would think of you or would talk about you. An imprisoned person would always be tormented and would never be happy. They would be in a safe zone though. So we were safe but not happy!

      Then gradually there was a realization that no matter what I do people have to talk what they want to talk and I have no control over that. It took time but this realization helped in breaking the thought process of what others would think of me. 

      With this freedom, I was able to set others also free. They do not have to worry about what I would think of them. Without setting others free of me, I could not set myself free. So for that I had to stop judging people on every small thing like how one looks, one wears, one eats, one walks and everything. They were free and acceptable from my side and I set myself free.

      But then can there be something better? Yes! We all are made by God in his divine light. We all have his spark and we all have his divinity. We are supported by his best of the angels always. We have an innate programming in DNA to be good and to do good things. But the flaw is when we see from others eyes, we turn that into pretension to become good. So when we all have that programming we all can be better than who we are. Because we are headed to divine. We are headed on the Divine path. Why everyone? Because everyone is designed to be like that. Ultimately every soul is going to walk that path. So we cannot judge someone on what they are right now, we need to love someone for what they will be in future too. 

      If a child is very naughty right now, you do not dislike saying he is bad. You laugh out saying, he must be something in future as he is very active and has lots of energy. Similarly,, all the souls we see around are going to be something in future, may be in some other life time but eventually they will be and we can choose to see that. We can choose to see that divine in them too right now. More we see that, more we would see that coming out. More we would see problems, more problems would be coming out. I choose to see the better sides and I choose to see the divine. 

      Sheetal Jain
      Life Coach and Author 

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      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
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