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1296Love yourself unconditionally

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  • C. P. Kumar
    Apr 20, 2017
      I wish we all were trained on loving ourselves unconditionally first.

      I am not enough is something I have heard from many people. 

      When we were small, we were told how good or bad we were in comparison to someone else. We were also told to behave or else some Aunty would think bad of us. In trying to make us civilized they trained us to see from other's eyes. In trying to make us better they taught us to compare and live. 

      This whole thing has built too much of pressure and so many times with whom we are comparing we do not realize and the point of reference keeps shifting. So we start competing against whole world. Which we do not have to. We also got trained on ego and with that we always have problems in our relationships and within ourselves. We find ourselves worthy if others find us worthy. But the irony is, everyone is trained in a similar way. So One who is not trained to see with unconditional love how can see others with unconditional love. 

      What is the solution? The solution is not somewhere outside. Because that's never in our hands and that is never ending also. Solution lies within. 

      We need to know few things:

      We are good enough for ownself. ( We do not have to be good enough for whole world)
      We need to let go of the thought process of others approval and comparison.
      We need to love ourselves and tell ourselves that I love you enough and too much.
      We can keep doing things and still may not hear few good words, so we need to either do things without expecting any good words and we can stop doing.
      We need to know our life is good and whatever we have is good. We do not have to kill ourselves for what others have. 

      Life is a beautiful gift and we can make it beautiful. However, that can happen only with love. Ego will never make it beautiful. To make it beautiful we need to see ourselves from the eyes of love and love itself will make everything perfect. 

      Sheetal Jain
      Life Coach and Author 

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      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
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