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Modeling of Radionuclide transport in Ground water

Dear All, I am currently involved in modeling of radionuclide transport in ground water. Radionuclide transport is different from other non-radioactive
24 Nov

Hello All, MODFLOW

Hello every body I have two questions about MODFLOW SOFTWARE: 1. When I increasing the value of recharge in the program, the value of constant head reduced
17 Nov

Re: How to reduce the error between observed heads and calculated he

Dear Hanif Yes, you can change the (conductivity or recharge or the specific storge Sy) until get the best fit between them. OR, you can run best as an
haider Hatif
8 Nov

AW: [visual-modflow] How to reduce the error between observed heads

HI Hanif, you should try the parameter optimization with PEST. Choose the run section, then parameter optimization. In the objective function tab activate
Sandra Bölck
31 Oct

How to reduce the error between observed heads and calculated heads

I have successfully run steady state model in visual modflow. The head calibration currently shows RMS error of 22%. Is there any technique to reduce the error
    Hanif ur Rehman
    30 Oct
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    Modelling the transport of 'Iron" in groundwater using MODFLOW

    From: Risna Ak Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 11:14 PM Subject: SUGGESTIONS FOR THESIS WORK Respected Sir,  I am Risna A K currently
    C. P. Kumar
    30 Oct

    (no subject)

    You can use the two rivers as no flow boundary because the ground water flow is parallel to the the river so you can use no flow the ground water flow never
    14 Oct

    Re: pest problem, hayder

    My model area is bounded by two rivers and two canals as a physical boundary. Can I assign river as a model boundary, as given under boundaries in visual
    Hanif ur Rehman
    14 Oct

    Re: pest problem, hayder

    Did you check the PEST output *.rec file? This tells you how far PEST got and might give a clue to the error. From: visual-modflow@...
    Simon Woodward
    13 Oct

    pest problem, hayder

    Hello brothers I have a problem with PEST in VISUAL MODFLOW whereas when I run the PEST after 30 seconds the window is disappear and send me an error letter
    haider Hatif
    13 Oct

    Visual Modflow Recharge Problem

    Hi all, I am quite new with Visual Modflow and very happy to find this group. I am using VMOD to create a flow and transport (ammonia) model. For that I've
    "Sandra Bölck"
    7 Oct

    Integrating SWAP with MODFLOW

    From: theja s n Sent: Sunday, October 4, 2015 12:48 PM Subject: Suggestions for thesis work Respected sir, I am Theja s n, doing my final
    C. P. Kumar
    4 Oct

    Modflow Convergence Error

    From: Anju Anne Sent: Friday, July 24, 2015 11:43 AM Subject: Doubts Respected Sir, 1) I am always getting an error 'failed to meet solver
      C. P. Kumar
      24 Jul
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      Preview button in Modflow

      From: PRABHAKAR SHUKLA Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2015 12:35 PM Subject: Regarding MODFLOW Good Afternoon Sir, Sir i am using Visual
        C. P. Kumar
        16 Jul
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        Updated Hydrology Links

        Dear Friend, This is just to inform that I have recently updated the following links related to Hydrology and Water Resources. Water Resources and Hydrology
        C. P. Kumar
        6 Jul
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